Product Focus

Qsys Heads for Infinity

Shropshire based Qsys, design and publish software specifically for the horticultural marketplace.

This includes software solutions from simple labelling to fully integrated production management, marketing, sales processing and HMRC-compliant accounting services.

Local Server Multi-Users

From high speed single user systems (Qsys Connect) through to high-capacity cloud or the new 'Qsys Infinity' local server or multi-server usage.

In addition, Qsys publishes software for remote invoicing solutions such as Remote Trade counter services and solutions for mobile sales representatives (Qsys RX).


Retail Point of Sale

Qsys also provide retail point-of-sale support for garden centres and on site/factory shops. All these services are supported by their mobile platform for Android devices.



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is also available to their 'Enterprise classed' clients. If you are providing grow-to-order or grow-to-planning services for larger clients, you may wish to engage our services to look at growing/space management services (production projection service).

Bespoke Labelling Services

Labelling and packaging services bespoke to your client’s requirements is a key area of expertise for Qsys. They can show you how you can offer your re-sellers fully bespoke labelling solutions on demand, via your website sales service.

Qsys also provides bespoke software integration services to users, to seamlessly connect to the growing range of cloud-based solutions.

Four Oaks 2019

You maybe looking to upgrade your product presentation, improve your planning and track your production as well as automate your accounting functions. 

Just the Solution

Qsys are also an I.T. company who can manage your I.T. resources, as well as your infrastructure and communications service all under one roof. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe, or maybe they are just the solution you are looking for!