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Lechuza Sets New Standard in Planters

Houseplants are hitting stratospheric levels and three million new gardeners* are embracing their green fingers for the first time.

It’s safe to say that gardening has become mainstream once again. One brand that is helping gardeners and retailers to maximise the many benefits of this pastime is the multi-award winning German brand, Lechuza.

New Range for 2021

They are bringing to market an exciting new range of recyclable plastic pots and planters which will help retailers offer something different for the discerning buyer.

Relatively new to the U.K. market, Lechuza is reaching out to retailers to share information on what makes its offering so unique, starting with the fact that Lechuza belongs to the Playmobil family. This means they have access to the same plastic molding and manufacturing as the world-renowned brand; a legacy which can be seen in the quality and build of every Lechuza pot.

Innovative Self-Watering System

One of the biggest turn-offs for both and established gardeners is the worry that planting will fail. Whether it’s a houseplant, GYO project or shrubs, getting the watering right is so often the cause of plant expiration.

Central to Lechuza is the innovative self-watering system which ensures optimum water supply to any kind of cultivated plant. The water reservoir is hidden in the underside of every planter and can hold up to 26 litres, depending on the model, allowing plants to take up the exact amount of moisture and nutrients they need. It is this innovation – so easy to install - that is winning LECHUZA legions of new fans and helping to drive repeat sales within the retail setting.

Truly Contemporary Planters

Lechuza's Arvin Bhudia said: “We provide truly contemporary planters that help urban gardeners to take their home-growing to another level. In addition, we are can offer for traditional gardeners looking for new material, a rage of innovation and planters which withstand the ravages of the weather and human impact.”

“The Lechuza offering really does have something for everyone. Our unique irrigation system offers a real point of difference, helping to give consumers the confidence to grow more plants, safe in the knowledge that their plants will be receiving water when it is needed most.

It is this confidence that has seen consumers become loyal Lechuza buyers, sharing their experiences via social media and helping to drive others to the brand and ultimately into store.

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* The HTA Garden Retail Monitor