Product Focus

This month we look at how Nieuwkoop Europe can provide planting solutions to a safe office/workplace environment.

Create a Safe Workplace with Plants!

We are slowly getting used to the new society where we have to keep our distance. Employers are busy planning how to furnish spaces to ensure a safe place for their employees and visitors. Nieuwkoop Europe like to think with you, because if something is beneficial to health, it must be green!

Planter or Moss Wall

Large rectangular planters with tall plants can easily be placed between desks in open-plan offices. This way you can easily create a healthy and separate workplace with more privacy. Moss walls are also ideal as a partition. Not only in the office, but also in a company canteen, restaurant, a waiting room of a hospital or dental practice. A large planter or a custom-made moss wall is a perfect solution to create a safe place.

Which Planters and Plants are suitable?

Nieuwkoop Europe have produced a selection of planters from the various Baq collections and plants from within their range. By combining them correctly, they are suitable as a partition at any desired location. For example, the Baq Basic collection with a high Philodendron fits perfectly between desks in a large office space.

Bag Line-up Collection

The Baq Line-Up collection is not only very suitable as a partition due to its size, a number of sizes can be ordered including wheel platform and can therefore be used as a mobile divider. (Click 'View here' below to view website)

By placing a Luxury Lite planter filled with Aspidistra Elatior between tables in a restaurant, a place is easily created with a lot of privacy and a beautiful luxurious appearance. Preferably choose large-leaved plants. These plants absorb a lot of noise, which contributes to a positive effect on the acoustics in a large room.

View here the Baq Collections 

The Positive Effect of Green

One thing is certain, plants have a positive effect on the working environment. Research by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Science has shown that plants in the workplace counteract health and fatigue complaints, they bring moisture into the air and extract harmful substances.

Seeing 'green' from behind the desk already makes a difference!