Product Focus

This month (July) we report on Chitosan which is the New Mildew Control Product gaining momentum across Europe.

Chitosan is a natural polymer that is found in all insect pests and fungal pathogens. So it is no wonder that plants have evolved to detect its presence on their leaves and activate their defences.

Crop Protection

Eutrema Ltd (A UK-based start up) are now harnessing the power of Chitosan so that growers can protect their crops from fungal diseases. Managing Direct Dr Russell Sharp said; “We have seen great results with chitosan when controlling powdery mildew, both when used preventatively and curatively.”

Chitosan is approved for use to control fungal and bacterial pathogens in every EU state and the UK.

Major Advantages

There are four major advantages of Chitosan over conventional synthetic fungicides:

*A pre-harvest interval of zero days! This especially of interest to growers who crop over many weeks (such as strawberries and tomatoes). With conventional fungicides growers would have to wait around 30 days before they could harvest their first crop.

*It is approved for use on all fruits, vegetables, arable crops, and ornamental bulbs. This means it can be used on niche crops where there are no fungicides registered at present. 

*It can be used on organic crops. It is significantly more cost-effective per dose than conventional fungicides.

*It is also non-hazardous to the user, the plant, or the environment, due to its unique mode of action. This makes it ideal for use in enclosed growing environments where works will be operating at or close to spraying times.

Success Across Europe

Eutrema have seen great success on farms who have been using Chitosan in the UK and mainland Europe. They are no actively seeking others to trial the product.

For this they are offering a trial support package (use code TRIAL) on their website at checkout to get a 5 litre sample for just £40 (free shipping), and on-going technical support and advice for your trial.