Product Focus

This month we focus on the latest news from leading Micronutrient supplier, Solufeed Ltd.

Extending Bedding Plant Shelf Life

At this time of year, retailers of bedding plants despair to see plants wither at the point of sale due to lack of attention and water.

Nurseries and plant growers have found that with the use of a foliar fertiliser containing Silicon (Si) the plants ability to withstand stress is enhanced, improving visual appearance and shelf life. Silicon is absorbed by the roots and has the ability to increase the strength of the plants cell walls making it more upright whilst reducing the effects of heat stress.

Silicon Deficiency

David Howe of Solufeed said, “ Silicon deficiency is commonly found in plants grown in soil-less growing systems such as peat or coir and is a frequent cause of plants suffering stress at point of sale due to heat or lack of water.” It can be added to the irrigation water but is not compatible with other fertilisers in the stock tank and so would require a separate tank and injector.

Weekly 'Signal' Application

He therefore recommends a weekly root drench application of Solufeed Signal throughout the growing season. Signal is a water-soluble fertiliser containing silicon (Si) and potassium (K), which can be used as a drench at the rate of 5ml. (one teaspoon) of Signal in 15 litres of water.

Drenching with Signal at this rate will help protect bedding plants from stress but,” he adds, “It is not a miracle cure for neglect.”

Further information is available from David Howe, david.howe or direct from Solufeed telephone 01243 554090.

Rebranded to Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™

Solufeed TEC™ (Trace Element Chelated) has now been rebranded as Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™ . This is an advanced uniquely formulated source of chelated micronutrients without sodium.

Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™ is in the form of highly water soluble, free flowing micro-granules that are completely dust free and deliver the six essential chelated micronutrients; iron, copper, boron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

Ornamental Grower Sector

Recommended for growers of all ornamentals and those using a recirculating or hydroponic system where a build-up of sodium is undesirable. In addition it is suitable where growers mix their own NPK fertilisers for all fertigation and foliar feed applications.

Solufeed Sodium Free TEC™ is available through selected merchants or direct from Solufeed.

Further details are available from Jack Holden at Solufeed on 01243 554090 or e-mail: [email protected]