Product Focus

This month we focus on how to grow improved ornamentals using the Fulvic 25 product from Solufeed.

Fulvic 25 Biostimulant

Fulvic acid is a natural product derived from the microbial decomposition of ancient vegative and animal organic matter. It has the ability to rejuvenate tired and depleted growing media whether soil or peat/coir based.

Fulvic 25 is a natural product made in the soil and recovered from drinking water. It is a major food source for the beneficial soil microbes that are essential to a healthy soil and generates an increase in soil nutrients and essential minerals.

Approved by Soil Association 

Fulvic 25 is approved by The Soil Association as suitable for organic growing and enhances root development, improves plant health and imparts greater resistance to disease or pest attack. A better uptake of fertiliser results in good leaf colour and brighter flowers.

The product has been proven on all ornamentals and is a liquid formulation that can be applied as the growing media is being prepared and repeated at least twice during the growing season.

Twin Size Options

Fulvic 25 is available in 25 litre packs and 1000 litres direct from Solufeed telephone 01243 554090 or e-mail: [email protected]