Product Focus

This month our Product Focus features the Desch Plantpak 'Colour Your Story' magazine and more from this leading supplier.

Desch Plantpak has again produced a generous and colourful 'Colour Your Story' magazine for the \Spring/Summer 2019 season.

This includes an in-depth look at trends, novelties and other developments. The very first D-Grade® magazine is also being published at the same time.

Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

Famous trend watcher Hilde Francq from Francq Colours has set out the season’s three main trends:

Dynamic :  A new interplay between feminine and masculine, with a discerning blend of robustness and elegance.

Intuitive :   Pure forms and unfinished textures provide an oasis of calm in a technology-driven society.

Biological : Nature as a never-ending source of inspiration, with the colours and textures of bacteria, microscopy and other natural elements.

Current Features 

The edition features the dynamics of the FloraHolland flower and plant auction in Aalsmeer, the domain of leading lady Luus Hooyman. In addition, the latest products from Florensis, Addenda, Beekenkamp, ​​Selecta One and Syngenta, amongst others.  A brief introduction to the driving forces behind FleuroSelect is also included. 

Novelties in the Field of Sustainability

As part of its sustainability drive, Desch is adding more products to its D-Grade® brand. The magazine looks at D-Grade BIO®, the four-star biobased certified, and 100% compostable product line, and the completely new D-Grade FIBRE®, made from paper pulp.

D-Grade® BIO also has its own magazine now, published simultaneously with 'Colour Your Story'. It contains all sorts of valuable information about the biobased degradable pots and trays, the production process, and their uses. The footprint of D-Grade® BIO is also explained.