Plant breeders Belgium

The science of plant breeding has gained popularity over the past years as more and more plant breeders manage to share their views and experiences online and in exhibitions. The manipulation of plant species so as to create the desired genotypes and phenotypes is not only challenging, but very interesting.

Plant breeders Belgium use controlled pollination and/or genetic engineering, so as to finally conclude their work with artificial selection of progeny. On most occasions, plant breeding will also lead to plant domestication, which is very interesting.

Plant breeding in Belgium

Plant breeding is practiced worldwide because it can help in breeding new crops as well. This has an impact on guaranteeing food security and also to attempt to develop practices that are suitable for different environments.

The crossbreeding of plants helps to the development of new varieties or lines, which often have certain desired properties. New genetic backgrounds can also be achieved as a result.

Plant breeders Belgium

Plant breeders are also referred to as geneticists because of this fact. They are encouraged to undertake scientific research so as to not only develop new strains for crops, but also make improvements in plant breeding techniques. Often plant breeders will be asked to write technical reports and publications so as to share them with other plant breeders. Liaising with other plant breeders is very important as this helps to identify the best varieties and species for cross-breeding and to undertake successful lab, glasshouse or field trials.

Thanks to plant breeding, different plant varieties can also improve their appearance and resistance to diseases. Their yields will often be much better too. Plant breeders are required to work for research institutes, both governmental and international. They are also often employed by commercial plant breeding companies, genetic engineering firms, and specialist seed producers. Being a plant breeder Belgium is an enticing career, which will offer remarkable compensation in terms of fulfilment to people who love plants.

Plant breeders Belgium