50 Years of Grafting at Van Aart!

50 Years of Grafting at Van Aart!

50 Years of Grafting at Van Aart!

The art of grafting is a specialist process requiring intense dedication over many years. Van Aart Boomkwekerijen have just celebrated their 50th Anniversary of grafting at their impressive nursery in Oudenbosch, Holland. Under the beautiful Basilica, the company developed into a nursery making only graftings from trees, scrubs and conifers. They are sold as young plants in p9 and bigger containers. Their wide range of young grafted plants has allowed this nursery the meet the ever increasing demand for something new and different.

Fagus sylvatica Anniek

They are well known for their range of Fagus and Quercus tree material. Two new stunning trees were launched by the nursery at GrootGroenPlus in Zundert last October. These included Fagus sylvatica Anniek (pictured above) which is a strong and super slender Fagus with big dark green glossy leaves. The brown leaves stay on all winter ensuring you have a beautiful silhouette in the garden throughout the cold season. Director Wendy Van Aart said ' This was part of our on-going development to improve the range of existing trees that we can offer. This provides a more suitable tree for nurseries to 'grow on' in comparison to the Dawyck variety of small green slender fagus.'

Quercus Garden Brilliant (above) is a Hybrid Oak tree from Quercus X streimii Pungens and a Quercus robur. It has firm leathery glossy leaves with deeply cut lobes. Its leaves remain dry in winter and grows in compact fashion. This has already provided an option for nurseries such as Van den Berk to acquire as a fresh new tree for future landscape schemes.

Grafting for Global exposure!

Van Aart are also becoming a global player with a recent order being shipped to New Zealand. This are cuttings of Hibiscus 'Purple Pillar' for Kiwi Flora to propagate for eventual sales in Australia. Countries such as France, Germany, Chech Republic are now also on the export list for Van Aart. They also produce plants for other nurseries who sometimes also export this material around the world. The Hibiscus 'White Pliiar' has already been tested and is now being trialled at Van Aart for 2015 with Canada and the United States as potential markets.

Wendy Van Aart pictured with Hibiscus 'Purple Pillar'

Grafted species from beyond the catalogue!

In the 2014 Van Aart catalogue you can replace all the varieties and the sizes of container they have in stock. When the plants grow too big, they are placed in a bigger container which influences the price. Most of their conifers are only grafted to order due to the wide range of varieties available. If you are interested they have a list with their variety of conifers. Van Aart will also graft species that are not in their list. They will then make a free proposal for you if you are interested. When you order large amounts, they can offer attractive discounts.

If possible they prefer you to make your wishes clear before they graft the plants. In that way they can make sure the plants you require will be grafted. They are of course, always dependent on the numbers of grafts they can cut and the results of this grafting. They cannot always guarantee the delivery of complete orders, but do their very best to ensure they can deliver all the plants that their customers have ordered. Van Aart Nurseries is situated in the South West of Holland where clients are made very welcome to visit and inspect their plant material. Tel : 0031 165 310190. www.vanaartboomkwekerijen.nl