Auriculas for Spring Planting!

Auriculas for Spring Planting!

Hillview Hardy Plants have the full range of Primula Auriculas available for immediate planting! With the arrival of Spring, this is the perfect time to plant Auriculas for the new season. Auriculas provide a vast range of colours including 'Dales Red', 'Consett', 'Doctor Lennon's White' and 'Ginger Spice' which are appealing not only to the eye but also to the senses!

Auricula Extravaganza!

From the 15-19 April, Hillview Hardy Plants will be holding an Auricula Extravaganza! An area of the nursery is being opened to the public only for this week in order for customers to view the superb range of stock plants. There will be the option to discuss Auriculas with the experts plus the latest literature on the subject.

This quintessential plant remains a very popular choice not just in the U.K. but also in Europe. Hillview Hardy Plants will be showing Auriculas at the forthcoming Fete des Plantes in St Jean de Beauregard in Northern France from April 4-6th.

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