GrootGroenPlus presents theme for 2014!

GrootGroenPlus presents theme for 2014!

GrootGroenPlus presents theme for 2014!

Following the huge success of the 2013 edition of GrootGroenPlus, the organisation is already working on the 24th edition. A complete new website has been launched with the theme of GrootGroenPlus 2014 as: #365green.

Valentine’s Day was chosen to annouce this as this is a day on which green-with-feeling plays an important role. Besides the extra attention that is paid to flowers, we also notice that visually attractive shapes of green take on increasingly more important roles. All in all, this was a great day to launch the new theme of #365green.

New website

Last year, the app that was especially developed for the International Trade Fair was used for the first time. For 2014, special attention has been paid to launching a completely new website. This offers easy navigation, has a special environment for participants and offers all the forms required to prepare a registration the right way. It also offers access to a broad selection of pictures, movies, and other materials. Besides that, the website offers more information about the programme, theme, social media, and frequently asked questions.

Theme 2014: #365green
Seasons fade, both in experience and supply. We also notice this at GrootGroenPlus. Today’s climate makes the classic distinction between a spring season and fall season disappear. For all those who are flexible in growing their crops and marketing them, this offers a lot of opportunities. Given that fact, GrootGroenPlus decided upon #365green as a theme for the next edition of the trade fair. The trade fair is especially active on social media and clears the way for participants and visitors to meet each other through this hash tag.

Register now!

The 24th edition of GrootGroenPlus will be held from 1 to 3 October 2014. The around-the-large-green-table sessions will also be organised this year. The first will take place in the spring, during the networking event for participants on 8 May 2014. Many participants have already registered for GrootGroenPlus 2014. If you want to be sure you will also have a spot at this International Trade Fair, please register via