A new window on Mother's Day!

A New Window on Mother’s Day!

Garden Centres looking to entice customers into their outlet leading up to Mother’s Day can now use new window graphics created by Floramedia. The UK’s leading horticultural design and print company, has recently launched its new window designs specifically for Mother's Day.

Floramedia’s green hearts Mother’s Day window graphics

Nick Mathias, Managing Director at Floramedia, said, “One of our new products this year is our window graphics. They are designed to create instant impact and enhance your window displays. Our graphics come in four bright and eye catching Mother’s Day designs, each displaying two different size formats to cater for all styles of window. They are supplied on one metre by one metre sheets. The graphics are quick and easy to apply to any window without having to be installed professionally as well as being quick to remove, leaving no residue. All of the window graphics come with installation guidelines too.” The graphics are £30 per one metre by one metre sheet." Nick added: “People can also purchase plant labels, bench wraps, banners and posters in the same design as their window graphics to really build an eye-catching and fluid display.”

Floramedia’s floral Mother’s Day window graphics

UK’s largest range of stock labels

Floramedia has the UK’s largest range of stock labels and point of sale products with more than 10,000 to choose from. This forward-thinking company is constantly improving and expanding its range. The company prides itself on providing the most cost-effective and complete service for labelling, point of sale, web, packaging and retail merchandising for the gardening market in the UK. It is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its customers, sharing its knowledge of marketing and design, and focusing on quality, service and reliability. Floramedia is consistently at the forefront for introducing new and innovative ideas. It also has a picture library with more than 250,000 images that are available for retailers to use to create their own marketing materials.

For further information, please call Floramedia on 01206 771040, email: [email protected] or visit www.floramedia.co.uk