Ornamental watering intervals extended!

Ornamental watering intervals extended!

“Root Refreshers” is a hi-tech but deceptively simple product that extends manual watering intervals up to six weeks for ornamentals in tubs, troughs and hanging baskets. Each Root Refresher is a cushion or cone made of top quality fabric which encases a mass of a patented water bonding polymer which when buried next to a plants’ roots allows diffusion of water to the surrounding area to keep plants healthy.

“Root Refreshers” was launched last autumn by Stockport based Europlanters Ltd. They were delighted to receive high levels of interest in this product at the Classiflora Zelari Open Days earlier this week. In addition, their on-going development of new products within the plant container sector attracted several quality enquiries. (pictured below) Europlanters are leading suppliers of planters for exterior and interior landscapers for offices, hotels, public buildings and restaurants.

Increased Producivity

For those companies and organisations involved in providing living plants, using a “Root Refresher” in each pot tub or trough facilitates increased productivity. This is made possible by extending the normal call-back time for manual watering. A “Root Refresher” holds enough water to allow even the thirstiest plants to thrive for up to two months.The special hi-tech ingredient behind the Root Refresher concept is the licensing of a patented material called HappiRoot* which is produced by Smart Tech Ltd of Glasgow, UK.  This is headed by Emeritus Professor of Applied Chemistry Neil B Graham who originally developed HappiRoot as a soil enhancer to help reclaim desert for food production.

“The polymer has unique water bonding and prolonged water diffusion properties and is a very powerful component indeed when used in this way. Water binds the HappiRoot with the Root Refresher and then slowly returns the water back to the surrounding area at a rate in direct proportion to the reciprocal mass of HappiRoot.” The Root Refresher is available in a wide range of sizes in both rectangular – for traditional pots - and conical shapes - for hanging baskets.

For more information on Root Refreshers please contact: Julie Wilkes at Europlanters [email protected]

For More Information on HappiRoot contact:  Charles Martin at Smart Tech Ltd [email protected]

*HappiRoot is a registered Trademark of Smart Tech Ltd