Turkish Delegation from Mersin Region

Turkish Delegation from Mersin Region

A Turkish delegation from the Chamber of Commerce and growing region of Mersin visited the recent Salon du Vegetal in Angers. This also comprised representatives of ornamental growers and florist companies. The aim was to meet with professionals from the flowers and plants industry, and to present details of available plant material. The creation of future business with potential partners was also an essential part of the brief.

The Ornamental Plants Cluster MersinFlora was established in 2011 and is formed of 18 production and exporting companies. Sector firms include producers and exporters of live plants. Over 150 species / varieties of plants are produced within the Mersin region. The great diversity of climate and microclimates of the region allows harvesting of native species. The sector is a business community that is trained, responsible, professional and organized through the cluster.

Increasing Ornamental Plant Production

In 2012 under the guidance of the Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cluster began a new project,  “Increasing the Capacity of Outdoor Ornamental Plants Production-12Urge027” in order to become professionals in the sector. Ministry of Economy of Turkish Republic funds this Project for three years. Cluster has finished Situation Analysis (SWOT Competitiveness), trainee programs, and now is ready to search for new markets and companies in order to increase its trade growth and potential.

The vision and aim of all the events of the Cluster is focused to increase production to satisfy growing demand at the global level. It offers support to small growers and business people, and makes it easy for investment opportunities. Marketing issues,  guiding efforts in the sector, as well as participating in national and international tradeshows and investments in region forms part of the Clusters' function. www.mtso.org.tr