Huge Splash of Colours!

Huge Splash of Colours!

Huge Splash of Colours!

Visitors to the annual Cyclamen Open Days of Schoneveld Breeding were met by a huge splash of colours at the start of their tour.

The Dutch breeder opened the doors of its greenhouses at the end of October to display their latest varieties.

Winter Wonderland

Visitors stepped into a winter wonderland for a guided tour through the greenhouses. They discovered all about cold tolerant crops, got to know the new two-toned Super Serie Fusion and enjoyed all the beauty that Schoneveld Breeding has in its assortment.

Cold Tolerant Crops

In these times of world-wide energy shortages it is a great advantage to grow crops that require little energy. The cold tolerant Super Serie Mini Winter, Picasso, Macro and Vintro amazed visitors during these Cyclamen Open Days. Schoneveld Breeding has developed these crops that require a low energy input.

Super Serie Fusion

Newcomer to the Cyclamen Open Days was Super Serie Fusion. This large flowered Cyclamen was bred from the well known, strong Super Serie genetics.

Fusion is a special highlight with its two-toned flowers. The series start with Fusion Large Neon Pink, a beautiful plant with flowers in distinct pink and white, separated by a hard line.

Super Serie Leopardo
Super Serie Leopardo is a heat tolerant, large flowered powerhouse is available in seven colours. Leopardo is easy to grow under warmer conditions. Leopardo has a relatively short production time and is praised worldwide for its strong qualities.

Videos to View
Were you unable to visit the Cyclamen Open Days? In that case, there is a video for you so you can still take a look. In a five-minute-long informative video you’ll learn more about the cold tolerant crops, Super Serie Fusion and other innovations.

Open Day Reflections:

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