7 Day Countdown for Brave2Bloom!

7 Day Countdown for Brave2Bloom!

7 Day Countdown for Brave2Bloom!

It's now just 7 days until the inaugural Floristry conference, Brave2Bloom, takes place in Tallinn, Estonia.

Across two productive days, well-known business speakers, professionals in the flower sector will gather, and share the paths of their businesses, proven techniques of building the business models, scaling and R&D in the times of crises.  

The organisers have also confirmed that a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia representative will be present at this event.

Field of Floristry

As organisers of this inaugural event, the 358 Flower Base team have already built the first flower hub in Ukraine and provided the services to 1000+ clients.

Flowers are a living and demanding product, and before engaging into consultancy services, Khrystyna Didukh (below) and her team have been working 8+ years in the wholesale supply and in the field of floristry.

Under One Roof

Behind the beautiful picture, flowers can provide, there are dozens of processes, technologies, ideas and a lot of work. Khrystyna continues 'Therefore, we decided to gather all our partners, business speakers and florists from all over the world... under one roof.'

Online Option

There will be the opportunity to visit the event Online and access the recording for three months after to benefit the most from the speakers, presentations and floristry shows. Brave2Bloom will leave you inspired and able to grow your company, brand and sales!

For all clarifying questions, please email Khrystyna here: hello@brave2bloom.com