Evanthia Brought Colour to Trade Fair Aalsmeer!

Evanthia Brought Colour to Trade Fair Aalsmeer!

Evanthia Brought Colour to Trade Fair Aalsmeer!

The bright leaves and flowers from Westland’s breeder and propagator, had great prominence at the recent Trade Fair Aalsmeer.

During the event, Evanthia launched its new catalogues for Cut Flowers, Tropical Plants and Pot & Bedding Plants. Their dazzling bold stand was filled with extraordinary tropical plants and cut flowers.

Alocasia and Philodendron

Within Evanthia’s wide Tropical plant range, Alocasia and Philodendron have a prominent place. This season, the company will further expand its collection with many new, appealing varieties within these product groups.

Sparkling Beauty

Matthiola StoX® Champagne is a sparkling beauty and one of the showpieces of Evanthia’s new Matthiola StoX® series, which features 7 colours.

This new series can truly be called a breeding breakthrough and will set new standards in Matthiola. With Matthiola StoX® Evanthia offers the solution to a challenge faced by breeders, young plant producers and growers: finding the perfect combination of selectability and robustness.

From Daucus to Nigella

Besides Evanthia’s own genetics for year-round and seasonal products, Evanthia has its focus on summer flowers. From Ammi to Craspedia and from Daucus to Nigella, growers will find it at Evanthia.

This product group offers many opportunities to respond to new challenges and is in high demand because it fits so well in ongoing trends of lush, wild bouquets with fascinating textures and natural colours.