Silicon Increases Plant Yield!

Silicon Increases Plant Yield!

Silicon Increases Plant Yield!

Silicon, the world’s second most abundant element, is being used in a variety of agricultural markets to strengthen plants and increase yields.

Orion Future Technology (FT) has developed formulations that deliver plant available silicon to boost the genetic potential of crops. Silicon accumulation strengthens cells, enhances cuticle thickness, and increases leaf hair density.

These benefits also help to increase a plant’s resilience to factors such as pest or disease penetration, as well as climatic stresses such as drought.

Monosilisilic Form

Orion FT offers a range of products, including Sirius and Deneb, that use unique iNHiB™Technology to make silicon available in its monosilisilic form.

Once absorbed, silicon is subsequently deposited within and between the cells of the plant. This process has been proven to increase yields and reduce damage caused by grazing pests such as cabbage stem flea beetle and slugs.

Crop Resilience

“By supplementing silicon accumulation, growers can increase crop resilience to pests and diseases across agricultural, horticultural and amenity sectors," commented Orion FT's James Kennedy.

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