'Must Have' this Truly Unique Addition!

'Must Have' this Truly Unique Addition!

'Must Have' this Truly Unique Addition!

Helichrysum Red Jewel is a truly unique addition to the Must Have Perennials collection.

This jewel toned beauty is one of four selections of Helichrysum amorginum from English gardener Chris Bowyer. Chris has been working with Helichrysum as a hobby; breeding in his suburban garden on the outskirts of a Midlands city in the UK.

Fiery Orange

The species amorginum has yellow flowers while Chris’s selections sport clusters of vibrant red, ruby red, fiery orange and amber buds that open into origami like flowers. These varieties were crafted in his home garden using free draining compost and large clay pans unprotected from winter.

Ruby Cluster Variety

ASG Medal

He entered Ruby Cluster in an Alpine Garden Society show and was awarded an AGS Medal. That was the catalyst for meeting with Must Have Perennials and the beginning of commercial trials. Must Have Perennials now offers Amber Cluster, Ember Glow, the new Red Jewel, and the original Ruby Cluster.

Flowering in March

These vibrant varieties flower early, often showing off as early as March. They have attractive, silvery, wooly foliage and grow in neat mounds. They work well in borders, containers, and rock gardens. They are also drought tolerant plants and make distinctive dried flowers.

Ember Glow Variety

Exceptional Plants

Chris is still working with Helichrysum and regularly enters his selections of exceptional plants into Alpine Garden Society Shows in the UK.

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