6th Annual Summit for AVF

6th Annual Summit for AVF

6th Annual Summit for AVF

The AVF’s 6th Annual Summit is to be held shortly at VertiFarm - a new Trade Fair for New Food Systems. The event will take place in Dortmund, Germany, from 27th - 29th September.

Future of AgTech

Last year’s 5th Annual Summit in Munich, titled the ‘International Vertical Farming and New Food Systems Conference and Exhibition’ facilitated some fascinating and enlightening discussions related to the future of AgTech and the role of vertical farming technology.

This year the intention is to expand on those topics by highlighting the latest trends of this exciting and fast-moving industry and then diving deep into how we can work together to integrate this technology into our daily lives to reap the benefits.

Moving to the Next Level

The 6th Annual Summit could not be better placed than at the VertiFarm Trade Show. Titled the ‘International Trade Fair for Next Level Farming and New Food Systems’, the AVF is collaborating with trade show experts of Messe Dortmund to bring this unique event to life.

Ticket Application

Tickets are available now from the summit website: www.avf-summit.com