A 'Proper' New Buddleja Launch!

A 'Proper' New Buddleja Launch!

A 'Proper' New Buddleja Launch!

Plant breeders’ agent Plants For Europe Limited has been working closley with Seiont Nurseries Limited and will launch an exciting new Buddleja at next week’s Four Oaks Trade Show!

Buddleja Bressingham Bountiful

The new variety, Buddleja Bressingham Bountiful, has been developed by plantsman Adrian Bloom and his family at Bressingham Gardens in Norfolk.

It is the first variety from a new programme to develop new and improved, full-sized, 'proper' Buddleja varieties, and therefore bucking the recent trend for ultra-compact varieties which often have disproportionate flower heads on small plants.

Lilac Mauve Flowers

Bressingham Bountiful is a full-sized plant, growing to the proportions that experienced gardeners expect from traditional Buddleja varieties. The flower heads are large and broad, with lilac mauve flowers that are sweetly scented and are a magnet for bees and butterflies.

The plant has blue-grey foliage, silvery on the underside, that looks great throughout the season.

Improved Foliage

One of the parents of Bressingham Bountiful is the well-known variety Lochinch. Growers will immediately recognise the same flower colour, but also see the improved foliage and considerably larger and more impressive flower heads.

Like the parent variety, Bressingham Bountiful is easy to grow and make a showy plant in a container for retail sales. In the garden, it makes a long-flowering centrepiece shrub for sunny borders that is easy to grow and requires little maintenance.

Limited Autumn Availability

Seiont Nurseries will have the first plants available in limited quantities this autumn. Full production will begin for 2023 season.

For further information, contact:

Plants For Europe Limited – [email protected]

Seiont Nurseries Limited – [email protected]

Four Oaks Trade Show - https://www.fouroaks-tradeshow.com/