Visual Preview of Autumn Stock

Visual Preview of Autumn Stock

Visual Preview of Autumn Stock

Golden Grove Nursery will provide customers with a visual preview of their Autumn stock at the forthcoming Four Oaks event next month (stand D49-50).

One new conifer variety on show will be the Thuja occidentalis Waterfield (below). This is a slowly growing variety of the Eastern arborvitae with a dense, globular shape. The characteristic features of the plant are gold, spring shoots which turn green during autumn.

National Conifer Week Specials

From Sept 24 – October 2nd, Golden Grove offers a special National Conifer Week trolley. This includes a great mix of colours, textures, habits and sizes so that you can create an eye-catching display to inspire your customers.

Why not change the location of your conifer display during National Conifer Week to maximise customer interest? Try displaying conifers in your finest ceramic pots to show customers how they can get instant results with minimal effort.

Haven for Wildlife

The Correx board is free with all orders over £700 which focuses on how planting conifers in your garden provides the perfect haven for wildlife to thrive.

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