'New' Green Retail Fair!

'New' Green Retail Fair!

'New' Green Retail Fair!

The Plantarium and Groen-Direkt Fairs have joined forces to create a bi-ennial event for the European green retail sector. This will include a complete range of products, plenty of novelties and loads of inspiration.

This newly combined Fair is less than two weeks away (August 24/25). The location is at the International Trade Centre in Hazerswoude/Boskoop in the Netherlands, with an official opening on the evening of Tuesday 23 August.

Awards Shortlist

There will be various awards including 'Best Market Release ' and 'Best KVB Novelty'. Within the novelty category is the Coreopsis grandiflora 'MVNC1902' (Solar Jewel. This has bright red flowers with yellow-orange margins from June to October. The plant produces a large amount of, brightly colored flowers and thrives in full sun.

The growth habit of Solar Jewel is round, compact, bushy and upright with a height of 50 cm and width 45 cm. The plant is hardy to -20°C. Solar Jewel is highly disease resistant and is part of the Coreopsis grandiflora Solar series with spectacular, perennial, wild flowers.

Management via Plantipp BV

The plant is bred by Van Noort Vaste Planten from Warmond, who also markets the plants. Management is through Plantipp BV from IJsselstein who also submitted the plant for the novelty showcase.