The 'Green Revolution' is Now!

The 'Green Revolution' is Now!

The 'Green Revolution' is Now!

The biocontrol sector continues to grow across the world in both size and degree of importance. The global BioAg sector is leading the way in terms of the 'Green Revolution'.

Innovation Through Collaboration

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) was formed by Dr. Minshad Ansari (below) to encourage collaboration between the biocontrol industry and academia in the AGBIO and AgriTech sectors.

From product formulation to project funding, the WBF has emerged as a powerful organisation in this field.

Benefits of Membership

The WBF is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to connect different stakeholders who can work together to ensure the successful development and commercialisation of bio control products.

The WBF is increasing its global membership and has released an excellent video on YouTube which outlines the benefits of becoming a member of its increasing profile.

Global Summit & Awards

A significant date in their calendar is the Annual WPF Summit & Awards event. Details for 2023 are currently being finalised and will be available shortly.

Email today or view the website below to discover how WBF can work for you!