​​​​​​​'Your Passion Will Bear Fruit!'

​​​​​​​'Your Passion Will Bear Fruit!'

'Your Passion Will Bear Fruit!'

Today (Aug 8), we begin a new, regular 'Comment Column' written by Industry Icon Neville Stein.

He begins with some personal reflections on the passion found amongst owners and staff within our 'green' nursery sector.

Backbone of the Industry

“Several years ago I undertook a whirlwind tour of specialist retail nurseries in East Anglia, a part of the UK known for its dry climate and ideal for growing nursery stock. The nurseries I visited were all owned by genuine plant enthusiasts”.

“You all probably know the types of nurseries I am talking about? Most of them are small businesses, often owner operated, and in my opinion they form the backbone of our industry. Together they are responsible for an enormous amount of horticultural production and genuine plant enthusiasm”.

“As you can imagine it was an interesting tour. I visited 11 businesses in three days and whilst I learnt a huge amount about the pressures these types of businesses are under, perhaps the overriding impression I was left with was that without exception all the owners of these nurseries displayed a huge amount of passion”.

Inspirational, Motivational

“The great thing about passion is that it is an attractive quality! Passionate people are great to be with as they are inspiring, motivational and of course enthusiastic. Most importantly though from a commercial perspective, passion is essential as it can be the secret ingredient that separates your business from your competitors. Passion also is catching and if you want to sell more products then you have to have passion in what you are doing”.

“Passion levels in any business are important, especially at times of increasing competition and tough market conditions. It is easy for enthusiasm and passion about the products you are growing and selling to diminish when the going gets tough. This is a dangerous state for a business or its staff to get into”.

Keep the Passion!

“Enthusiasm is contagious, and so is low morale and disenchantment. Remind yourself why you are in this business. Try to reconnect with your interest and love of the plants/products you are selling to the public. Please don’t let your passion wane. If you do, your employees will not be inspired, your customers will not catch your enthusiasm and your sales will inevitably suffer”.

So here I am pleading with you to increase your levels of passion in a climate that currently provides huge challenges, economic pressures, water shortages, 'brexit leftovers'. Let’s make no bones about it, being passionate consistently is hard, so how do you do it?”

Positivity Rubs Off

“Well, very simply go out and about and visit passionate people, learn from them and catch their enthusiasm. Also read some inspiring business stories, get a role model and hang around passionate, enthusiastic and positive people. It will rub off and should result in improved business performance.

Neville Stein

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