Sales Trends for Late Summer

Sales Trends for Late Summer

Sales Trends for Late Summer

So, which garden plants are in demand by consumers in the next two months?

A pretty accurate idea comes from the Top 10 below, based on historical sales statistics from the two previous years at the Groen-Direkt Plant Fairs.

The Top 10 is a composite on the number of plants sold in the first coulmn and on turnover in the second listing.


1 Viola 

2 Euonymus

3 Calluna

4 Hydrangea

5 Hebe

6 Prunus

7 Boxwood

8 Gaultheria

9 Skimmia

10 Ilex

Classic Viola

A striking feature of the Top 10 listings in August and September is that sales of perennials do not make the top 10,apart from the year-round best-selling grass, Pennisetum.

Viola is a deserved first place in numbers, a classic product that consumers ask for to replace deadheaded bedding plants in the containers. 


1 Hydrangea

2 Prunus

3 Acer

4 Skimmia

5 Rhododendron

6 Viburnum

7 Ilex

8 Boxwood

9 Euonymus

10 Pennisetum

Attractive All-Rounder

After all the bright colours of the bedding plants, its time for woody plants. Just outside the Top 10 in sales, is Photinia.

Quite rightly, we see Photinia (Shamrock) used regularly in gardens. It is a commonly used shrub, especially in new housing estates. It is an attractive framework for green gardens and often a good alternative for the standard laurel hedge.

The supply of many different cultivated forms means that there is a plant for every application. Photinia is also popular as a solitary plant, with the most commonly offered plant being Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'.

Autumn Fair

The Groen-Direkt Autumn Fair will be held on August 24/25.This year, there is the added attraction of Plantarium '22 being held in conjunction with the fair in the same location.