Capi Europe All Set for 2023!

Capi Europe All Set for 2023!

Capi Europe All Set for 2023!

The new Capi Europe 2023 Catalogue is now available.

Are you excited to see their new products and developments? Contact your account manager or send an email to [email protected] to receive your own online copy!

Energy Conscious

Taking care of the planet and each other is in their roots. Capi reshore much of their production and have adopted a technique that cuts energy consumption by 80%. We make our offices and ways of working both sustainable and efficient.

Their 100% recyclable planters are designed to protect the plants they hold and are produced durably to grow with you. Their special rain barrel and biodiversity collection informs customers about the need to help nature and enable them to contribute to it.

Grow a Greener Life!

This is just the beginning! ‘Grow a greener life’ is more than words in a corporate mission statement. It is how Capi start cleaning up after ourselves by introducing a collection made from 100% waste including fishing nets. It is how our operations and products in the Netherlands got certified as CO2 Neutral.

It is how Capi offset the emissions that remain and strive to reduce those emissions even further in the future. It is how they hope to empower our customers to embrace a greener lifestyle.

Greener Lifestyle

Most of all, it is how we want to inspire you to do the same, so we can work towards a sustainable future not just for ourselves, but mostly for next generations. Will you join us? Capi Europe. Grow a greener life!