Floramor to Enhance VLAM Presence!

Floramor to Enhance VLAM Presence!

Floramor to Enhance VLAM Presence!

FlorAmor is European the  market leader for production and marketing of Azalea’s as well as a reliable partner in a couple of niche and seasonal products. These are presented as two brands, Hortinno and Flandresse.

This Belgian grower is delighted to be part of the new VLAM presentation at Four Oaks next month (Stand E31-34). 

Craftsmanship & Sustainability

Flemish craftsmanship is combined with a sustainable vision, a direct approach and in-depth market insight. With a complete range in all sizes, shapes and varieties, FlorAmor is thé European one-stop shop for Azalea’s.

The azalea has been the jewel of the Belgian floriculture sector for over a century. Flandresse, the best-known brand in the market, offers an abundantly flowering azalea which is both modern and timeless.

Customer Driven

Flandresse derives its success from its reliability, quality and unique appearance. FlorAmor focus on high quality, a customer driven approach and a direct link with the consumer. Discover Flandresse for yourself now!