Pheromone Solutions for Greenhouses

Pheromone Solutions for Greenhouses

Pheromone Solutions for Greenhouses

Eco Center is a manufacturer of pheromone solutions for a wide range of pests, from agricultural to forestry and storage pests, based in the Republic of Moldova.

They saw high levels of interest at the GreenTech Trade Fair in June (Amsterdam). 

Mating Disruption - Tuta Protect

One of its main products is a mating disruption solution for tomato leafminer (Tuta absoluta) – Tuta Protect. This product has a non-toxic and targeted mode of action, with typically low rates of application (300 dispensers per hectare with protection of crops for up to 180 days).

Tuta absoluta Delta Paper 5+5 Set

It is best to combine Tuta Protect with monitoring traps for tomato leafminer, such as Delta Paper set 5+5, that includes 5 Delta Paper traps (made from cardboard), 5 adhesive inserts and 5 pheromone lures.

This set allows for monitoring the pests in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way, allowing users to assess risks to crop and need for supplementary pest management actions.

Card Cue and Agrolls Traps

Another environmentally friendly way to monitor pests in greenhouses are biodegradable adhesive traps, that use visual cues (yellow or blue colors) to attract target insects (such as Whiteflies, Western flower thrips ect.).

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