TerrazzaMC Seeks Importers & Distributors!

TerrazzaMC Seeks Importers & Distributors!

TerrazzaMC Seeks Importers & Distributors!

TerrazzaMc is urgently seeking partners to import and distribute the patented and ecological unique GEOTEX PRO machine, known as the Terrazza Omni PRO®.

'Brushing Aside the Competition!'

The Terrazza Omni PRO® kit was developed to meet the demands of their customer base. This kit provides an all-round maintenance system for both garden centres and nurseries, and also cleans paved walkways, shop floors and driveways as well as geotextile surfaces within the greenhouses.

Grower Satisfaction

Many of the largest, medium and small growers across Europe employ this solution and have expressed their extreme satisfaction.

Any global importers / distributors who are working in the horticultural and urban sectors should ask Terrazza for further details and consider taking this unique proposition on board.

TerrazzaMC at the recent GreenTech Event in Amsterdam.

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Email Dany Mestdag (General Manager) [email protected]

Or Call +32 (0) 489 788 530.