A Star is Born!

A Star is Born!

A Star is Born!

In just two years since setting up Sow Successful Ltd., up & coming Horticulturalist Chris Wiley is becoming well known.

His first client, the late Peter Seabrook got Chris to grow his plants for the RHS Chelsea Show exhibit last year, especially the Verbena's. Peter was able to approve of the Sweet Pea chosen to bear his name, a light blue, large flowered, fragrant hybrid.

Sweet Pea / Hellebore Production

Chris is specialising in Sweet Peas and Hellebore production at the moment with interests in other plant areas as time allows. Two highlights this year are a bunch of Peter Seabrook Sweet Pea which managed to get into the RHS Chelsea show in May and was presented to H.M.

Best New Plant

The Queen has for a number of years visited his exhibit which included a number of schools and their children. The second highlight was to have the Pea given the 'Best New Plant' award at the recent Gardener's World Live show held at the NEC Birmingham.

At the Garden Gate

“I recall Peter grew and sold sweet pea's at the garden gate when he was at school in order to purchase his first greenhouse, how appropriate to have one named in his honour”, said Michael Warren whom we thank for yet another exclusive news update.