'My World of Hepaticas' by John Massey

'My World of Hepaticas' by John Massey

'My World of Hepaticas' by John Massey

Michael Warren provides a brief interpretation of this book which is very much a 'Labour of Love'. 

"I say 'dedicated' because I saw first hand the Author working away, dedicated to making this specialist publication as authentic and precise as could ever be".

Years of Genus

"Burning the midnight oil to get it finished, checking and rechecking, it is a wonder John Massey the Author is still with us ! John has managed to get his many years of study and hands-on growing of the genus crammed into the pages of this profusely illustrated volume".

Collaboration with Toomoo Mabuchi

"It also records his travels to see the plants growing in the wild, the people he met en-route and his collaboration with Japanese expert Toomoo Mabuchi. Although very much for the enthusiast, it is also a pleasure for anyone to browse through the excellent photographs, mostly by the Author and reads well, as though John is talking to the reader".

Garden for Charity

"John is also well-known for his Hellebores and his famous garden that opens for charity at Ashwood Nurseries in the West Midlands".

How to Purchase

The Hepatica Book is available from Ashwood Nurseries Ltd., Tel 01384 275951.

Choose option no.1 mail order for mail orders. Cost is £45 plus postage.

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