New Slimline LED Provides Space and Energy Reduction

New Slimline LED Provides Space and Energy Reduction

New Slimline LED Provides Space and Energy Reduction

AgTech specialist Light Science Technologies has announced the expansion of its nurturGROW lighting product portfolio with the launch of its ‘slimline’ Vertical Farm range, featuring its award-winning sustainable design.

Climate Controlled Facility

Specifically for use in a closed, climate controlled growing facility such as a vertical/city farm, container or research centre, the Vertical Farm range can be used in a variety of multi-layer growth applications.

Providing optimal growing space, the range is ideal for the cultivation of but not limited too leafy greens, strawberries, micro-greens, herbs, violas and other small flowers.

Maximises Vertical Farm Space

nurturGROW is designed to maximise space within a vertical farm environment thanks to its lower profile and bespoke length, while delivering an efficacy of up to 2.8 umol which aids reductions in energy requirement.

Example spectrum: LST matches your plants, environment, and budget requirements.

25-Year Product Lifecycle

Simon Deacon, CEO of Light Science Technologies said: “At a time of rocketing energy prices, indoor farmers are under increasing pressure to find more energy efficient ways of growing their crops to save costs long-term."

"nurturGROW is a solution which is backed by a 25-year product lifecycle, ensuring growers maximise use of every element over a longer lifespan to generate maximum yields and save them a third on future costs."

YouTube Presentation

More information on the new slim nurturGROW can be viewed here: