Global Leaders in Tissue Culture 

Global Leaders in Tissue Culture 

Global Leaders in Tissue Culture 

Belgian based Deroose Plants Group is a global supplier of young plant material for growers and plantation owners across the world. 

The company has been active in Tissue-Culture cloning of plants since 1980 and is one of the biggest T.C. propagators in the world.

Breeding Programme

Through their own breeding programme and by collaboration with the best breeders, Deroose Plants & Exotic Plant offer a broad assortment of innovative and exclusive products.

In order to control their standard of production and serve their customers, they harden and grow young plants for the horticulture sector in their own greenhouses before shipping them to customers around the globe.

40 Different Calatheas

Deroose is the specialist when it comes to bromeliads and calatheas. From the guzmania to the tillandsia, from the calathea Mysto to the calathea Crimson.

Their assortment consists in over 40 different calatheas. In addition, they offer a wide range of foliage plants (Ficus, Spathiphyllum, Musa,…) as well as many succulents (Haworthias, Aloe, Echeverias and Agaves).


Outdoor Plant Range

At Deroose, they are continuously look to extend their profile and are always looking at new opportunities. Their new outdoor plant range is a perfect example  (below). Agapanthus, Cannas, Pennisetums, Cordylines are now also available. Cold resistant and long time blooming and ideal for the gardens in a massif or a pot.


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