All-in-one sensorGROW Launch!

All-in-one sensorGROW Launch!

All-in-one sensorGROW Launch!!

Light Science Technologies (LST) utilised GreenTech 2022 last week, as the platform to launch sensorGROW.

This is an all-in-one growing intelligence tool aimed at providing indoor farmers and growers better environmental control while saving costs and reducing waste.

Across the Growing Sector

This is an ideal tool for any controlled growing environment including greenhouses, polytunnels, vertical farms and containers: sensorGROW is designed to make profitable year-round growing a reality using the latest smart technology.

It brings together real time environment, crop performance, third party and key business data to provide instant actionable insight to growers, helping them to make business decisions with confidence.

Multitude of Crop Production

Craig Price, Operations Director at Light Science Technologies, said: “sensorGROW provides a solution for a multitude of crops across numerous environments – from berries to tomatoes to leafy greens. Our tailored solution is specifically for a growers’ growing area and creates a starting point to collect environmental data in real time.