Growing Responsibly!

Growing Responsibly!

Growing Responsibly!

Golden Grove Nursery have taken to reduce CO2 emissions while their conifer production falls into 3 main categories:

Reduction in Energy Useage

Their solar panels means they are producing about 25% of their own electricity and the remainder is sourced by a 100% renewable supplier.

The installation of their straw fed biomass boiler has meant that their primary heat usage over the last 4 years has reduced CO2 emissions to around 10% of previous usage.

Green Waste Introduction

Golden Grove have also made great progress reducing the peat content in their growing media over the last 10 years by introducing green waste, coir, wood fibre and bark into their peat mixes.

The nursery confirms they are now producing conifers that are grown in mixes between 50% and 75% peat free with some promising trials of 100% peat free mixes in 2021 being extended during this year's potting season.

Plastic Awareness

The nursery reuse 75% of their pots and all pots on the nursery are made from recyclable material. Conifers... helping to store carbon throughout their lives.

They exhibited their range of high quality conifers at the HTA National Plant Show, held this week in Stoneleigh, Warks.