'The Crevice Garden'

'The Crevice Garden'

'The Crevice Garden'

Hester Macdonald provides her specialist analysis on this latest book on Crevice Gardens.

"The Crevice Garden" is a new issue from the always excellent Filbert Press. Written by Kenton Seth and Paul Spriggs, there is plenty to interest the newbie crevice gardener as well as anyone more experienced in rockery gardening and crevice gardening.

Native Plant Gardens

Kenton Seth is the owner of Paintbrush Gardens, based in Boulder, Colorado and specialised in crevice gardens, native plant gardens and meadows.

Seth also writes the brilliant blog http://kentonjseth.blogspot.com/ good for getting to know more plants that might not be part of your habitual palette.

Rock & Alpine Society

Paul Spriggs is an equally experienced rock and crevice gardener, as well as owning Spriggs Gardens Landscapes and the President of the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Society. It would be safe to say, therefore, that both writers know their subject extremely well.

Introduction to Crevice Gardens

The book opens with an accessible introduction to crevice gardens, a bit about plants that grow in rocky places, the history of the subject and then, the real meat of the subject - how to make one yourself.

It includes encouraging instructions for planning, building and maintenance, as well as a useful guide to plants and where to see good examples in Europe and North America, that should provide plenty of inspiration for anyone that wants to give it a try.

RRP: £25.00 in Hardback.  Order here >