Touchscreen Tech Aids Acute Staff Issues

Touchscreen Tech Aids Acute Staff Issues

Touchscreen Tech Aids Acute Staff Issues

Whilst staff and skills shortages increase at garden centres across the U.K., there is a partial solution via touchscreen technology. This advice comes from a plant information company at the forefront of the latest developments.

'Plant Finder'

"Vacancies are at a record high and garden centres nationwide are struggling to fill positions, so they need to invest in technology" says Terri Jones (below), M.D. of Joy of Plants, which offers digital assistance with its ‘Plant Finder’ Touchscreen Kiosk. “There are significant workforce shortages in many sectors including horticulture.

Touchscreen Support

Terri continues “We’re now entering an era where garden centres, which have traditionally not been technologically driven, are coming to us to ask for help and advice and to find out how our Plant Finder Touchscreen Kiosk can help fill their skills and staffing shortages.”

“Our kiosks act as guides for customers to the plants a garden centre sells and it’s like having a new team assistant in the plant area ready to answer any plant related questions.

Easycare Plants

“The Home screen can be personalised to specific plant groups, such as easycare plants, fruit or trees for small gardens and there are buttons to quickly find plants by name or criteria to meet a customer’s precise needs. 

“As well as customers using the kiosk, staff members can also use it to find answers to plant questions quickly and efficiently.”

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