Floralies Closes on a Successful Edition

Floralies Closes on a Successful Edition

Floralies Closes on a Successful Edition

Floralies Ghent closed its doors on a 'sell-out' day. The organisers now look back on a very successful edition with great satisfaction.

On Sunday May 8th, the milestone of 75,000 visitors was achieved. That is 5,000 visitors above the original goal of 70,000.

Intimate & Refreshing

A quick enquiry among the visitors confirms that this edition was experienced as "more intimate, but refreshing". The theme Lamb of God and "My Paradise, a Worldly Garden" also proved to have an impact.

There were also many families who visited on both weekends, often joining in the tradition of their parents and grandparents for the first time in many years. Word-of-mouth communication also had strong influence in these past few days.

Ornamental Plant Sector

The Botanical Garden also attracted a great deal of interest. In the Palmarium (greenhouse), visitors were informed about innovation in the ornamental plant sector through research and development. In the garden itself, they could learn more about the role of plants and their effect on health.

Peace & Quiet

"I really feel that the sector needed this boost, because everything went really smoothly, said General Manager Pieter Toebaert. “People were very happy to be able to breathe again in the peace and quiet of the environment of flowers and plants.”

“Many young people enjoyed this event and you immediately see that social media, bloggers and vloggers are combining well with other media. The positive atmosphere surrounding Floralies is a great motivation for our next projects, and for the next edition of Floralies Ghent in 2026!".