Breeding the next Delosperma - Wheels of Wonder!

Breeding the next Delosperma - Wheels of Wonder!

Breeding the next Delosperma - Wheels of Wonder!

Following the successful introduction of the 'Jewel of Desert' in 2013, Koichiro Nishikawa continues to provide the global plant industry with stunning new plants. Born and raised in Japan, Koichiro always dreamt about plants that are drought resistant, fast growing and always flower beautifully.

Extremely Big Flowers

His belief is that the consumer should enjoy their gardens without too much stress regarding maintenance. He continues, “I have now introduced the new Wheels of Wonder. These are creeping varieties, with extremely big flowers which have a long flowering performance. When you have the new WoW series in your garden, you can easily go on vacation for three weeks without watering!

When you return they will be in full flower again. Simply take out the seed heads to stimulate the new flowers. What you can also do is to cut back and the plant will re-bloom after 3-4 weeks. The new WoW series are available in six fresh colours.”  Peter van Rijssen from Plantipp is pictured with the new range at Plantarium 2014.


Bees and butterflies love the new Wheels of Wonder too. They are 'bee-friendly' plants. The flowers will close in the early morning and evening looking like candles. Enjoy your new Wheels of Wonder Delosperma. The flowering garden performers!

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