Pest and Disease Control for Farmers & Growers

Pest and Disease Control for Farmers & Growers

Pest and Disease Control for Farmers & Growers

Basic substances comprise twenty different compounds which are authorised for plant protection uses within the EU (and UK since Brexit).

While not primarily described as ‘pesticides’ they can be used to control pest and pathogens. The specifics of their approval and their prescribed application procedure are laid out in EU Regulation 1107/2009.

Listed for Approval

Most of the basic substances listed have been approved for use for the last ten years in the EU and UK. However, before now, nobody has placed all the information together from the regulations and reports in an easy to understand document for growers and farmers to implement.

Slow Acceptance

As such, the take up of basic substances in the UK over the last decade has been very poor. So Eutrema have decided to take up the challenge of analysing the countless EU documents, and pull out all the useful information that applies to the UK growing and farming sectors.

The EU established the category of basic substance, to accommodate European organic growers who were using a range of compounds in pest and disease control for which there was no economic case to register them as a pesticide.

Condensed Information

Eutrema have now provided a brief description of each of the substances and the way they can be used on a farm.

Chitosan* is our favourite of all the basic substances because it is effective, fully soluble, approved for use on lots of different crops, and for the control of any fungal or bacterial disease.

This is contrasted with the other compounds on this list, which have questionable efficacy, are not soluble in water, can only be used on a few crops, and to target only specific pathogens. As a result, chitosan is a silver bullet waiting to be discovered by farmers.

Functions: Fungicide, and Bactericide

Crops: sugar beet, potatoes, fruit berries & small fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices, and ornamental bulbs

How to Purchase

Eutrema have covered the use of chitosan in more detail on previous blog posts:

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