The World of Coleus

The World of Coleus

The World of Coleus

The Coleus plant, "plecanthrus scutellaroides" has risen in popularity in recent years, both as potted plant for indoors, and as gardening plant.

It's popularity has been high in the mass market, and as a collectable item for hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Began in USA

The boom started in the USA, where the hobby of collecting these plants are well established, in recent years it picked up in Scandinavia, and the demand is now on the rise also in other European countries such as Germany and France.

200 Different Cultivars

Based in Almhult, Sweden, Elisa's Nursery are specialists in small scale production of coleus cuttings. These now total around 200 different cultivars of coleus in all sizes, colours and shapes, of which many are developed by the nursery through hybridization and careful selection of the outcome.

B2C Ecommerce

So far Elisa's nursery has been selling the plants through a B2C ecommerce model, selling cuttings of the plants for rooting by the consumer.

They are now looking to make agreements with growers to both grow their unique varieties and act as distributors.