Seedling Amongst Cuttings!

Seedling Amongst Cuttings!

Seedling Amongst Cuttings!

Hydrangea paniculata Polestar ('Breg14') PBR is the plant that was rescued from the compost heap and now has a Gold Medal, 8 years later!

It all started in 2006 when Arjen Bregman finds a seedling among the cuttings of the Dharuma hydrangea. Intrigued, he set it, along with the other 14 brothers and sisters, for further observation and gives it the code 'Breg14'.

Flowers on Every Shoot

In 2013, the plants are brought to Poland, to the nursery of Wojciech Wróblewski, one of Breederplants' close associates. 'Two years later, in 2015, I got a message from Wojciech: 'We have a winner, it's number 14! It blooms beautifully, is very compact, and has flowers on every shoot.' 

Propagation Begins

Breederplants obtain permission from Arjen Bregman, who found the seedling, to propagate the plants. For this purpose, they are sent to Van Son & Koot in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands and to Seiont Nurseries in Wales. In 2017, Van Son & Koot Nursery plants around 4,500 plants in C3 pots and achieves great results.

Shipments Around the Globe

It turns out that the Polestar is behaving as expected everywhere. It has a nice, compact habit, flowers appear early and are present on all shoots. The flowers, initially pure white, turn aquamarine over time, and from mid-June, they acquire a delicate, salmon colour.

GrootGroenPlus Gold Award

A Gold Award was made once again at the KVBC awards, held during the 2021 edition of GrootGroenPlus. This follows two years of field trials. Arjen Bregman is pictured above, receiving the award in October.

*Reproduction without the breeder's consent is prohibited. Legally protected variety EU52722.

Breeder and origin: Hydrangea paniculata Breg14 (POLESTAR) PBR is bred in the Netherlands by A. J. Bregman.