'The Busiest IFTF Ever!

'The Busiest IFTF Ever!

'The Busiest IFTF Ever!

Both the Dutch and the International Flower and Plant sectors were treated to an exhilarating IFTF, earlier this month.

Global Attendees

The attendance figures for the three days were 17,250 from 103 countries around the world.

Typical of the exhibitor reaction came from Rosa Eskelund. Her company, Danish Rose Breeder Roses Forever saw a very positive response at IFTF. 'We have never seen the IFTF so busy', said Rosa. We are positively surprised by the number of visitors to this year's event. This year we noticed that the people coming to our booth are really interested in our products'.

New 'Grower' Interest

'We have had growers wanting to start production of the roses they saw on our booth. and they were from all over the world, including Korea, US, Ecuador and the Middle East. While we were hesitant at first, it was definitely worth having our booth at the show, as it generated many new possible customers'.

Dates for 2022

The 2022 edition of IFTF is scheduled for November 9-11.



*Our Thanks & Acknowledgment to Floral Daily for use of their image (Roses Forever) and news material.