Take a Leaf out of this Book!

Take a Leaf out of this Book!

Take a Leaf out of this Book!

'LEAVES' is the news book from Ben Clevers, International Master of Floral Design.

The book contains 60 different leaves and includes more than 160 pictures of objects. 

Ben takes up the story 'I started 4 years ago to make objects with leaves. The first florist I worked for (as a 14 year old ) told me, please look at what I do. How I create an arrangement, look at the shape and the flowers I use'.

Leaf Droppings

'What I drop on the floor, you can collect and create something with this material. Most of the things he dropped on the floor were leaf litter.'

'This has always been a green line throughout my life. 3 years ago I visited a photographer in the North of Holland. There was an immediate connection and it was here that we started to work together to create my book 'LEAVES'....

Natural Material

'For me using leaves is to show people what you can do with them and let them respect all natural material. When you clean your garden in Autumn, so many leaves fall. You either throw them away or create something'.

'All bases I use, I create myself with carton, plastic or metal, I do not throw away material that I can reuse. I continue to look for different shapes in material, mostly they are Geometric or Natural in shape'.

Launched in Summer

'5 months ago the book was published and is now read all over the world. On my website you can also read my Biography about what I do as a florist all over the world. Green leaves follow me in what I create!'

Order Via Website

'LEAVES' is available to order via email or the website below. Price: €95,00 ex-delivery costs.

ISBN 978-90-9034449-2

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