'Plant Finder' to Solve Garden Retail Issues

'Plant Finder' to Solve Garden Retail Issues

'Plant Finder' to Solve Garden Retail Issues

Joy of Plants and Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd have recently combined to launch a new smaller ‘Plant Finder’ Touchscreen Kiosk to solve staff and skills shortages at garden centres.

Innovative Touchscreen

These innovative 21-inch digital touchscreens are supplied as freestanding kiosks or wall mounted units, include the Joy of Plants’ Plant Finder, and can be individually branded for each garden centre.

Jonathan Brown, Managing Director at Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd said: “Our new pedestal-style Plant Finder Kiosks are affordable, attractive and enticing. We recently received great feedback at Glee, with visitors calling them ‘phenomenal’ and ‘fantastic’.

The new 21-inch pedestal and wall mounted Touchscreen Kiosks featuring Joy of Plants’ ‘Plant Finder’.

Seasonal Layout 

“The units are very versatile – they can easily be moved to different locations in-store as garden centres change their layouts seasonally. Joy of Plants handles regular seasonal updates of new plants and new care products ensuring that the information available to staff and visiting customers is always up to date, freeing up staff to look after customers and plants.

In-Store ahead of Christmas

Terri Jones, Managing Director at Joy of Plants (above), explains: “We’re thrilled with the new 21-inch touchscreen kiosk that we launched at Glee. We’ve taken our first orders and expect to see the units in stores before Christmas.

“They’ll be on-hand to advise on the best houseplants and Christmas plants to suit different situations, and the appropriate care products to use to make sure those plants thrive. And come spring, staff will be able to use the Plant Finder to help customers fill their gardens with the most suitable plants for them.