Floral Design Media Launch

Floral Design Media Launch

Floral Design Media Launch

Smithers-Oasis is a worldwide leader in the floriculture and floral design industry. They are launching a new floral design media - OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media.

Made with plant-based, renewable, natural coir and a compostable binder, OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media has been certified OK compost Home and OK compost Industrial.

Impactful Invention

“Smithers-Oasis is extremely excited about this product,” said Robin Kilbride, President and CEO of Smithers-Oasis. “Our Research team has been working on its development for years, and we believe OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media is the most impactful invention in the floral design space since the creation of OASIS® Floral Foam in 1954.”

Checks all the Boxes

“We started this project with a long list of performance targets,” Robin continued. “OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media checks all of the boxes. In addition to its certification, the product offers a sturdy foundation in which to create floral designs, allowing design from all sides.


OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media is initially launching in the United States, Canada and Europe. Launches in other markets will continue throughout the year.

Visit www.terrabrick.oasisfloral.com to learn more about the product and sign up to find out when it is available in your market.