Broad Range of Topical Subjects

Broad Range of Topical Subjects

Broad Range of Topical Subjects

Now in its fifth year, Hort Science Online 2021 promises to be the best yet, delivering interesting and thought-provoking content on many topical subjects.

These will include sustainable growing media to how to grow your business in an uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment to import inspections and how to prepare for the changes ahead.

Important Platform

“Alongside the latest innovations from ICL, HSO has become an important platform to hear from industry influencers on a diverse range of the latest technical innovations and horticultural practices,” explains Adam Ferjani, ICL’s Marketing Communications Manager (above).

“To help participants navigate, this year’s event – which launches on October 18 – the content is divided in to five sections. The Sustainable Growing Media Hub will focus on non-peat raw materials, designing mixes and overcoming the practical challenges.

Osmocote GreenLab

The Osmocote GreenLab will showcase the launch of Osmocote 5 – the next generation of controlled release fertilizers developed to overcome the specific nutritional challenges presented by peat-reduced/free media.”

HSO’s Knowledge Hub will bring together experts from diverse fields, including independent retail consultant Neville Stein exploring how to create an innovative business culture and avoid stagnation during volatile and uncertain times.

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