Tuscany Growers Offer Wide Choice of Photinia

Tuscany Growers Offer Wide Choice of Photinia

Tuscany Growers Offer Wide Choice of Photinia

The autumn buying season is now in full swing and nowhere is busier than Tuscany Growers, in Pistoia.

The range of available Photinias includes photinia fr red robin, photinia carré rouge (also known as compacta) pink marble, little red robin, photinia fr. louise (new variegated variety), and photinia pink crispy.

These are grown at the Vivai Biagini nursery and Vivai Masetti Sabino nursery, which together forms the brand, Tuscany Growers.

Bushes, Cones & Multistem

You will find a tremendous range of varieties at this rapidly growing nursery. Their wide choice of bushes, cone, balls, half standard, multistem, standard, pleached from the base and high standard pleached are available right now.

Hedges & Screening Focus

The Eleagnus ebbingei is an evergreen shrub. This is a vigorous, fast-growing shrub that tolerates a wide variety of soils including poor infertile ones. With age, leaf surfaces turn lustrous dark green above but remain silver gray beneath.

Apetalous creamy white flowers bloom even if are not particularly showy, they are intensely fragrant. Small, one-seeded, reddish-brown fruits typically ripen in spring. Eleagnus ebbingei is a popular choice for hedges, and is also used for screening.

Liquidambar Gumball

3/4 stems are also in demand such as prunus lusitanica angustifolia, liquidambar gumball, and from within their range of photinia. Also magnolia gr. gallisoniensis and ilex crenata are currently very popular.

Photinia fraseri louise

Warning of Shortages

The bad frost in April caused many problems in some varieties such as acers and magnolia like susan soulangeana stellata etc. There is currently a shortage of these for the autumn season.

Easing Supply Chain Issues

With supply chain issues a key factor, there is an extensive programme already in place to alleviate potential issues. By using the REX exporter system, this provides certification for the origin of goods.

It simplifies export procedures and reduces custom fees. With the starting of the new season deliveries are scheduled twice per week, which are easier for partial loading.