The Future of Protected Growing 

The Future of Protected Growing 

The Future of Protected Growing 

CHAP (Crop Health & Protection), RIPE Building Services and the University of Warwick are proud to showcase the many benefits of growing within a full natural light, protected crop environment vs. growing within the restricted daylight spectrum offered by a traditional glasshouse.

This event will be held from 10am – 2pm (BST) on September 9th at the University of Warwick, Wellesbourne.

Crop Output & Taste

You should attend this event to discover the options when building or refitting your growing operations and understand how your choices will impact your crop output and taste, for the lifetime of the chosen building.

If you are currently buying or growing crops anywhere in the world, grown within a protected environment, and you are looking to drive better growth and/or improved taste and nutritional profiles, you should attend to fully understand all your options.

Dramatic Impact

Discover how RIPE Building Services’ holistic approach to next generation growing including natural light, advanced biostimulants and enhanced biocontrol, can boost all your crop metrics vs. growing within a traditional glasshouse.

For any questions, please contact CHAP’s Events Manager Sandy Sevenne by emailing [email protected]