New Projects Set to 'Green' Paphos

New Projects Set to 'Green' Paphos

New Projects Set to 'Green' Paphos

More green areas are set for the City of Paphos in Cyprus as two linear parks and a €3.7 million park of colours are announced.

According to the Municipal Council of Paphos, the new 32,000 sq.m park of colours will be completed in nine months at the junction of Ellados and Evagoras Pallikarides avenues.

Rich Green Infrastructure

The project is expected to be the largest park in the district and one of the richest parks in Cyprus, both in terms of greenery and infrastructure.

Hundreds of new trees will be planted in the area as the park will include a botanical garden, squares, playground, cafeteria, exhibition area and management and information office. 

12 Kilometre Project

Meanwhile, the final construction plans for the two linear parks in the eastern and western borders of Paphos municipality have been completed. These parks, with a budget of €7 million, are expected to span an area of more than 12 kilometres near two rivers.

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