Tuscany Growers Conquer Europe!

Tuscany Growers Conquer Europe!

Tuscany Growers Conquer Europe!

Along with the Azzurre Football team, Tuscany Growers continue to produce unbeatable performances across Europe!

The rapid expansion of their high quality plant material in the Euro region is a direct result of their Investing, Growing and Innovation programme.

As an established exporter, Tuscany Growers are seeing growth not only across Europe, such as in Holland and Belgium but also across Hungary, Czech Republic and Croatia. In addition, the U.K. sees continued growth.

Quercus ilex 

Most Popular Varieties

General Manager Barbara Fontani commented, “We have now built up our production base and are in a great position to provide a higher level of plant sales to the U.K. We already have customers there and the response has been fantastic.”

Eleagnus ebbingei

Plant Range Expansion

“Some of the most popular varieties this year are Eleagnus, Photinia, Quercus ilex and Nandin. Our range of plant material continues to expand which is a huge benefit to both our new and existing our clients during this period of rapid growth in demand.“

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