The Value of 'Zero Treatment'

The Value of 'Zero Treatment'

The Value of 'Zero Treatment'

The Second Edition of the Concours International de la rose nouvelle de Nyon (The Nyon International Competition for New Roses) took place on the 26 June 2021.

A Uniquely Global Event

The competition is unique, not only in Switzerland, but also worldwide, as it is the first to entirely ban all chemical and biological treatments. The new “Nyon Zero Treatment” label will be available for all winners to use in their communication and publicity.

The responses from growers and juries has been overwhelmingly positive.

Park, Ground Cover & Climbers

The new rose garden was created specifically for the trial, and is on the site of the Services des Espaces Verts et Forêts (parks, gardens and forests service) of the Ville de Nyon. The roses for this year’s judgement arrived in March 2019, for the park, ground cover and climbers, and in March 2020 for the other categories.

The trial joins 27 other International trials held under the auspices of the World Federation of Roses. It is organised by a sub-commission of the Société Romande des Amis des Roses et de l’Horticulture (SRARH) with significant support from the parks and gardens service of the Ville de Nyon.

'Circle of Life'

The winner of the Rose d’Or is awarded to the rose with the highest overall score, was won by 'Circle of Life' (above) bred by Rosen Tantau in Germany.

The winner of the Coupe du Parfum was won by the “Oragidel” rose, bred by Roseraies Orard, France. It was described by the “noses” as containing “excellent rose notes, geranium, iris, violet and powder.”

Sweet Friendly 'Christina Meylan'

The day was crowned with the “baptême” (launch) of a new rose, SWEET FRIENDLY “Christina Meylan”, bred by Meilland, bearing the name of the wife of Gérald Meylan, the Commissaire of the competition.

He will shortly be retiring from International Rose competitions after 55 years of involvement at the highest level of rose trials, breeding and support for 'the queen of flowers'!

For all other winners, gold and silver medalists and merit winners, please follow this link

*All photos are copyright Michel Perret ADN