'Biotopia – Growing Community'

'Biotopia – Growing Community'

'Biotopia – Growing Community'

With the theme “Biotopia – Growing Community”, Germany will present innovative solutions for a sustainable interaction between nature and the city at Floriade Expo 2022.

The German Garden will present vivid examples of modern resource-saving horticulture and will let you experience the possibilities for the green cities of the future in a playful manner. 

The centrepiece of the German Garden is a green atrium, which will be surrounded by a wooden pavilion, which symbolizes a constantly growing and changing city.

Living Ecosystem

The pavilion of the German Garden consists of a two-storey wooden construction with a roof garden, solar panels, wind turbines and green facades. Through the planting, the building forms a living ecosystem, of which the appearance changes over the course of the Expo as the plants grow.

Growing & Changing City

The pavilion symbolises a constantly growing and changing city. In the middle of the garden, there is an open space with ornamental plants, horticultural crops, trees and wild flowers. There are also relaxation areas, a water playground, a stage and a themed restaurant. 

Floriade Expo 2022 will open April 14th next year.