Marking Groen-Direkt’s 25th Anniversary!

Marking Groen-Direkt’s 25th Anniversary!

Marking Groen-Direkt’s 25th Anniversary!

2021 marks Groen-Direkt’s 25th Anniversary! Needless to say the company will  not let this historic event pass unnoticed.

This will be celebrated together with its partners. So the anniversary will be the theme of the coming year’s events, starting with the Autumn Fair, where visitors will be treated to various festivities.

Best of Both Worlds

What makes Groen-Direkt unique is its hybrid formula. The combination of sample fairs and a webshop enables the company to offer a wide, seasonally varying range of garden plants all the year round. Interested buyers can physically view, smell and feel the range at the Autumn Fair.

Autumn Fair Dates 

Groen-Direkt’s Autumn Fair will take place on 25th and 26th August at the usual location in Hazerswoude, Netherlands. It is the intention for traders and buyers from both within and outside the Netherlands to attend. 

Sample Fair Diary

Keep a close eye on Groen-Direkt’s website or call +31 (0)172 21 15 76 for the latest information on the Autumn Fair, the regular sample fairs and the webshop.  

NB: On-going developments relating to Covid-19 may affect visitation to the Autumn Fair.