The Buzz Continues!

The Buzz Continues!

The Buzz Continues!

As a FlowerTrials participant, breeding company Evanthia is used to high levels of buzz in Week 24!

Although this year it is very different, Evanthia will ensure the excitement continues. From Monday 14 to Friday 18 June, Evanthia goes On Tour and everyone is invited to join in!

Bite-Size Videos

Each new day in week 24 this Westland-based company will launch bite-size videos here:

In these videos Evanthia’s Market Managers, Sales Managers and Crop Advisors will take viewers to different locations to show you the latest of their broad assortment and discuss new developments.

Click the above image to view Week 24 Programme

Studio Flower Trials

Sunsation® potted sunflower, Lavandula Cleo-Patio®, the wide range of tropical plants and cut flowers... all will be discussed.

Aside from its very own roadtrip to breeding locations, young plant production facilities, greenhouses and open fields, Evanthia will also participate in: Studio FlowerTrials

On Tuesday 15 June at 15:30 hrs CET Marvin Grootendorst, Sales Manager of Evanthia, will discuss Evanthia’s potted Sunflowers and Lavandula more into detail with presenter Marit van Bohemen in a live broadcast.

'Live' Appointment 

Anyone who is interested in a one-to-one live appointment with one of Evanthia’s team members, is invited (via link below) to contact the company and schedule a meet-up. Of course, taking the current COVID-19 regulations into account.